The Start of GW Customs

Feb 6th 2017

 I had just purchased a new Sig 1911 and my first world struggles began. The beautiful lines and colors were just to much to adorn with a simple nylon knife clip holster, and it was just too tacticool for leather. I knew I had to go custom. After searching local sources and the Interwebs I came upon Kydex and was simply amazed. With the ability to match colors or do multiple colors and to cut and play with definitions and styles I realized the possibilities were almost endless.

My first holster was an OD Green back and Coyote front with a slight cant made with .093 Kydex. It sucked.

After letting a few friends see it and making the odd holster or knife sheath and researching and learning and buying bigger and better tools I got better and made my first competition holster. It sucked.

But I got better tools and more opportunities and people crazy enough to give me a chance.

Now after countless mistakes, curses and wasted money I'm open for BUSINESS!!! I produce high quality, custom and affordable holsters ready for work. Concealed, Open Carry or for Competition I make it all. Though similarities can be found no two GW Customs holsters are the same as every one made teaches me a new lesson and my customers receive a one of a kind personalized holster they can wear day in and day out.