New Review, thanks Doug!

Mar 20th 2017

I contacted Will about making a holster for my Kahr CW 45. For some reason, not many of the big brand holster makers don't have much for this particular pistol. I'm glad they don't!

I brought it to GW Customs with a request for an easy on - easy off style and two single magazine pouches. Figuring I'd need to leave the pistol with Will for a week or more, he told me to come back later the same day. When I returned,the holster he made fit perfectly! Will had done exactly what I asked using a pair of belt clips I had never seen before. They work perfectly and the holster pulls the guns close to my body for easy concealment. The pistol rests in the holster with a positive "click" sound but draws easily when desired. I have no worries about losing this gun should I ever be in a struggle while wearing it or doing strenuous work with it attached. The magazine pouches are well-made with a belt loop for IWB carry and are tension adjustable. This setup is going to be my EDC and as soon as I can, I'm going to have another holster made for my Sig.

I highly recommend Will Garza over any of the big box brand companies!

- DF